Girl Scout High Awards: Silver Award

Girl Scout High Awards: Silver Award

How do you make the world a better place? By Taking Action! Cadette Girl Scouts now is your time to reach higher with the Silver Award!

The Girl Scout Silver Award represents a girl’s accomplishments in Girl Scouting and in her community as she grows and works to improve her life and the lives of others. It’s available for all Cadettes (6-8 grade).

To earn the Silver Award, girls must first complete one Cadette Girl Scout Journey. Next, identify an issue or concern in their community and work to research, develop and execute a project to tackle the issue. Girls can work in a small team of three to four, or they can work solo. You pick!

The Silver Award project is whatever you make it. It’s your chance to make a positive impact in your own community and think outside the box, so get creative!

In the end you’ll walk away with:

  • Developed skills and abilities that will allow you to successfully earn the Gold Award
  • Recognition as a future community leader
  • Support from the community
  • Networking opportunities as you explore potential careers and hobbies
  • Lessons in cooperation, leadership, and compromise
  • Self-reflection and improvement

Get started on your Silver Award today!

Congratulations to all of this year’s Silver Awardees:

Abby Rush 70738

Abigail George 40325

Aibhlinn O’Hagan 70899

A’layah Williams 71789

Alessa Atallah   70738

Allison Edwards 30523

Amelianna Delagarza 71521

Anna Budry 75261

Anna Swank 75239

Anna Willis 70277

Annalisa Ventimiglia 76444

Aria Brown 74448

Ashlyn Mango J00006

Audrey Mullan  75239

Autumn Trottier 76444

Ava Ward 75239

Bella Ullom 75459

Bethany Grenzicki 74085

Brooklyn Rupert 76289

Candice Bowman 30077

Cardaja Harkins 89456

Carrington Boards 76847

Casey Grace Robins 70869

Cecilia Lawrence 70277

Charlotte Lenk 76289

Chelsea Kings 71521

Chloe Eden 48430

Clara Krawczyk 75459

Clare Majewski 73220

Clare Klueg 71143

Cora Kujawski 70277

Desirai Mitchell 75274

Destinee Hudson 89456

Eleanor Kroetsch 30523

Elena Rinkel 74642

Elise Kilbride 75261

Elizabeth Jones 74642

Emilee Breault  74642

Emily Hubbard  J00007

Emily Schwartz 3286 / 76618

Emily Forbes     J00009

Emma Richard   75261

Emma Trombley 40325

Erica Surratt 70277

Estafani Covarrubias 89290

Gabriella Kaiser 70085

Gabriella Tetler 40325

Ginger Gryzb 70031

Hadlee  Meier 71330

Isabella Miller 76289

Jasmine Amara 76445

Jillian Wells 76083

Juliana  Cortney 89290

Juliana  Curtis 70085

Katelyn Kohn 70738

Katherine  Nowak 71171

Kathryn White 40325

Katya Schmidt J00007

Kaylee Scheneman 74085

Kayt LaMothe 40325

Keegan Lorenz 74544

Keeley Brown 75459

Kelly Antosiewicz 40325

Kendall Jackson 71169

Kortney Bell 75343

Kylie Ann Jurkiw 70277

Lauren  Wadie J00007

Lillian Armstrong 71169

Mackenzie Bennetts 71143

Madeline Lenk 76289

Madelyn Carrier 71171

Madelyn Dudde 71171

Margaret Bassett 70085

Mariah Donalson 89456

Marina Gerick 20414

Meghan Deskovitz 75239

Meredith Woodman 75343

Milani Hall 74642

Molly Levin 70791

Morgan Gunter 30805

Morgan Mayberry J00007

Nicole Watts 74642

Olivia Marie Wilson 70869

Olivia Peare 75927

Olivia Downey J00009

Paulette Scott 71169

Payten Van Every 74085

Rachel Lingerfelt 70277

Raegan Killebrew-Ross  70786

Raiven  Mitchell 75274

Rebecca Miney 76289

Ruby Kantz 75343

Sara Lezotte 71227

Sarah Cromwell 74642

Shaylin Marie LeBlanc 70869

Sophia  Hovanec 71330

Taylor Gildner 70085

Taylor Quinn 70869

Vivian Davis 71789