Gold Award Girl Scout Megan Ray

Gold Award Girl Scout Megan Ray

Megan Ray, a resident of Rochester Hills, is among 25 Girl Scouts honored by Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan with the Gold Award. Gold Award Girl Scouts are change agents who show leadership and citizenship skills that help them stand out among their peers by making a sustainable impact in their communities.

The Gold Award is Girl Scouts’ highest honor and is presented to Girl Scouts who dedicate a minimum of 80 hours to addressing a community issue or problem through a sustainable community change project.

Ray noticed that there was not a dedicated space for children with sensory issues in Megan’s home district of Rochester Hills. She worked with Rochester Community Schools administrators to create a Butterfly Garden at Hart Middle School. Along with being a sensory safe space for students on the Autism spectrum, teachers can use the garden as an outdoor classroom.

“I learned that my Gold Award project was going to take a lot of research, planning, and coordination—but I was ready for that challenge.”

“I’m excited to see how students and teachers will use the space to benefit all students,” Ray says.

According to a study on the impact of the Gold Award, by the Girl Scout Research Institute, Gold Award Girl Scouts display more positive life outcomes than non–Girl Scout alums including having a positive sense of self and greater life satisfaction, leadership, community service, and civic engagement. Some universities and colleges offer scholarships unique to Gold Award Girl Scouts, and girls who enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces may receive advanced rank in recognition of their achievement.

“Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award is truly a remarkable achievement, and these young women exemplify leadership in all its forms,” said Denise Dalrymple, chief executive officer of GSSEM. “They saw a need in their communities and took action. Their extraordinary dedication, perseverance, and leadership are making the world a better place.”