GSSEM Cadettes Worked with Real NASA Astronauts

GSSEM Cadettes Worked with Real NASA Astronauts

The second I heard GSSEM planned a two-day trip for Cadettes to visit and work with real astronauts, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. We would be traveling to Ohio to participate in simulated space missions. Working with female scientists was a dream. How could I not be there?!

Before I knew it, we were in Oregon, Ohio at the Challenger Learning Center of Lake Erie. All 25 of us entered the building not knowing what this was or what would happen next. We were soon told that we were going to get the chance to participate in a space mission called “Return to Moon.” We got to see what it was like to be on both sides of a mission: one side mission control and the other side in the spacecraft. We were split into 2 teams; my team got to start inside of the spacecraft. It was fascinating being in there. We learned so much! Like how astronauts sit inside of a space shuttle, how the medical astronauts detect radiation, how to conduct vision, auditory, temperature, and heart rate tests on others while in the shuttle, and how to problem solve like an astronaut! The list goes on and on and on…

When my team was done in the shuttle, we switched sides and went to the room where they talk to the astronauts. I was now supposed to tell the medics in the shuttle what they had to do. I could see the medics on a camera and watch what they were doing at that moment. I could see if someone’s test were bad or good. It was interesting being on the other side. I never knew astronauts did so much!

Being a Girl Scout offers so many exciting opportunities. I love everything STEM and I think it’s great that GSSEM introduces us to these kinds of activities. I hope we get to go back next year!

Written by: Chevy Willis and Elizabeth Rizo