Volunteer Spotlight: Cheryl Tarrow

Volunteer Spotlight: Cheryl Tarrow

Cheryl Tarrow has worn many hats when it comes to volunteering with GSSEM including Service Unit Manager, Co-Leader, and Troop Product Program Manager; she even represented GSSEM as a National Delegate. She says her most important role through the years, however, has been being a leader to Troop 45232.

Cheryl got her start as a Troop Leader when her daughter joined Girl Scouts in 2nd grade and the leader at the time was having a difficult time on her own. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, Cheryl stepped up to the plate and started volunteering at meetings. After a few meetings that year, she took the next step and decided to become an official Co-Leader. She remained a Co-Leader for 2 years, then took another step towards becoming the grade-level Troop Leader.

Although Cheryl’s troop remains a multi-level troop, and each grade level has different goals, she says the troop’s overall goal is to ensure all girls are getting as much out of the year. For her 11th grade Ambassadors specifically, the goal is to do the badges they want to do, and having as much fun as possible during this pandemic. This doesn’t seem to be a problem though because this troop is full of fun and adventure. Cheryl says even in the past year there have been so many great memories, it’s hard to pick a single favorite… but if she had to it’d be the week-long trip she took with her grade-level troop to Savannah, GA.

As she continues to be a Troop Leader, mentor, and confidant to her girls, she says that her favorite part will always be watching them grow, developing their leadership skills, teaching them new skills that they can use even after Girl Scouts, and of course the life long friendships she’d created. Cheryl had this to say when it comes to aspiring Troop Leaders:

“I can not imagine my life without Girl Scouts. It’s scary at first, but it’s one of the most rewarding volunteer positions I’ve ever had in my life. As a leader, there’s support to help you if you need it along the way from council staff, to service units, to other volunteers, and of course parents. The girls will amaze you with the skills that they learn from you, and the friendships you create can become lifelong.”