Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Gendron

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Gendron

Karen Gendron began her Girl Scout Troop Leader journey like most moms: her daughter wanted to be a Girl Scout, so she volunteered. Four years and three leaders later, she stepped up to take over when the last leader was leaving. It’s now her 12th year as Troop Leader for Troop 70604, and she’s even picked up other volunteer roles along the way.

After many years as a Troop Leader, Karen has gotten to experience every high and low with her troop. Her girls are now in high school, so they’ll soon be making the transition to adults (and Girl Scout alum!) over the next couple of years. However, she says that her job is not done. Karen would love to be able to expand her troop and add slightly younger girls to give the older ones a real opportunity for leading, but she’s allowing her troop to make that decision. The goal is to see her girls come full circle and use what they’ve learned over the years to guide girls who look up to them.

Overall, this Troop Leader believes that the best part of the “job” is witnessing the members in her troop develop a safe space for everyone to thrive in. The girls are free to be as silly and outspoken as they want with one another. Time and time again, they’ve stepped outside of their comfort zone and learned to lean on each other.

Need some advice? Take it from an expert:

Don’t be intimidated! Take it one step at a time and get connected with your service unit and experienced leaders in your area. Other leaders will be able to guide you and point you in the right direction. At the end of the day, just being with the girls is what I love. Watching them grow and develop their personalities.