Volunteer Spotlight: Meghan Paruszkiewicz

Volunteer Spotlight: Meghan Paruszkiewicz

Like many other Girl Scout moms, Meghan followed in her own mother’s footsteps and decided to lead a troop. She and her troop have had several outdoor adventures—and they can’t wait to go on more!

Meghan began leading in Frazer, Michigan when her daughters simply needed a leader, and she offered to help. She wanted to give her troop the same experience she had as a Girl Scout, so they’ve gone on awesome adventures. They recently went to Stoney Creek, where they used an outdoor survival kit and learned how to use a knife, start a fire, and make a shelter. They also learned how to survive in the outdoors, in case of emergency. This summer, Meghan and her co-leaders want to take the girls camping, with hopes of using their newfound outdoor skills.

When asked what her favorite memory has been so far, Megan said there have been too many to just name one. One time, she and her troop took a tour of the lighthouses in Port Huron. Another time, they spent the night at Toledo Zoo and got to sleep next to the sharks (and also listen to the sweet tunes of Baby Shark by her youngest all night).

“Have fun with your girls! If you are having fun, it will rub off. Let girls lead their own adventures.”

Thank you, Meghan, for everything you do for Troops 77399 and 71560, for Service Unit 902, and for GSSEM. We appreciate you!