GO! At Home: Week 2


GO! At Home: Week 2

Visit the blog each week to explore activities you can do in your own backyard! This is week 2 of GO! At Home.

Be an ornithologist! Simply put, an ornithologist studies birds. Their work often involves surveying, recording, and reporting on bird activity. With migration season upon us, backyard birders have a great opportunity do some exciting bird spotting. Practice your ornithology skills by doing a little bird watching. Get out your binoculars, a notebook and pencil, and start collecting data today. Here is source for some tips on studying birds.

Can’t name that bird? There is an app for that!

While migration season is a perfect time to perfect your bird watching skills, it can be a hazardous time for birds. Learn more about the dangers bird face when migrating and make sure you backyard is bird friendly:

  • Help a bird out by making your windows safe: Migration Friendly Window Decor
  • Make sure fresh water is accessible to birds: Use an old flower pot, chipped plate or serving dish and make a bird bath, keep it filled. Research “upcycled bird baths” for an idea that works for your family and your backyard.

Want even more information on bird migration?  Follow migration in real time here https://birdcast.info/

Be Active!
DIY obstacle course. With a few items you have around your house you can challenge yourself with new difficulties time after time! Remember safety first! Be sure you have enough space outside for your course.

Suggested Items for the “obstacles:”

Chairs (folding or even dining room chairs)
Get permission before taking these outdoors!

  • Line the chairs in a straight line- 3 or more is ideal, space them about a foot and a half apart.
  • First “heat” zigzag between the chairs and around back to the start before moving on to the next obstacle
  • Second “heat” dribble a basketball or kick a soccer ball through the chairs.
  • Third “heat” depending on chair type, go over the first chair and under the first chair- repeat.

Jump Rope

  • Use as starting/finish line
  • First “heat” line, lay the rope in a line, hop over the rope until the finish
  • Second “heat” 25 skipping jumps
  • Third “heat” 10 single foot jumps (5 on one foot, 5 on the other)

Playground balls (soccer, basketball, kickball, volleyball, etc.)

  • Place the balls in a square about 4ft by 4 ft
  • First “heat” run around the entire square, touching each ball as you get to it.
  • Second “heat” run around the square and at each ball tap the ball with each foot 5 times each before going to the second one.
  • Third “heat” run around the square and do 2 burpees at each ball.

Pool Noodles

  • Create a tunnel of noodles to crawl under. You can “secure them” with tent stakes in the ground.
  • Army crawl under them to the finish line!

Need even more ideas? Research “sidewalk chalk obstacle course” and choose your favorite.

Inside-Out Badges!
Brownie: Girl Scout Way

Sharing the Girl Scout legacy inside and out is the only way to be a Girl Scout!

Sing Everywhere on your travels around the house or in your backyard, as long as you’re being mindful of those around you. If its still light outside, sing your heart out!

Celebrate Girl Scouts by decorating your yard or house’s front windows in Trefoils, or by singing “Brownie Smile” around a fire (real or pretend)!

Share Sisterhood with your neighbors by creating a Girl Scout chalk mural on your sidewalk or driveway! Trace your hands (or have a family member trace your body!) and admire your sister filled artwork.Share your creations on social media with an adults help! Anytime you go outside, while on a walk or playing in your yard, make sure to leave a place better than you found it, just by picking up any trash you might see. 

Enjoy Girl Scout Traditions by making SWAPs with things you find outside, like sticks, acorns, pinecones and more! You can mail them to your Girl Scout troop members to bring a smile to a friend’s face.

GO! Alone, together: Share with your Girl Scouts Sisters how you are Getting Outdoors while staying safe!  We’d love to see what you are up to. Tag us @gssem and hashtag #GirlScoutsGO and #GSoutdoors

Share what you did to outdooreducation@gssem.org and we may include your story in our GS Blog!

To learn more about GSSEM’s GO at Home Challenge patch program, please visit gssem.org/goathome.

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
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