GO! At Home: Week One


GO! At Home: Week One

Although so much has changed in such a short amount of time, here at GSSEM, we want all members to know that girls still have the opportunity to earn patches and engage in safe (and FUN!) programming. Visit the blog each week to explore activities you can do in your own backyard! Welcome to the first week of GO! At Home.

Be a Meteorologist! A Meteorologist is a weather forecaster who uses chemistry and physics to predict weather patterns.

What can you do to be a meteorologist?

  • Keep a journal and note rainfall, temperature, wind, cloud conditions—track for 30 days and see if you can spot any trends! Report your findings to your family.

Paint a flowerpot outside! Flowerpots can be made out of any metal or a plastic container from your recycle bin! Decorate your flowerpot with:

  • Paint
  • Magazine photos sealed with clear sealant paint or mod podge (available in outdoor formula)

Bee Active!
Did you know all worker bees are female? Spend some time this week learning all about the bees!

What can you do to become bee expert?

  • Start Planning your pollinator Garden!
  • Research plants that bees love best, look for native plants to add to your yard
  • Build a bee house! (Check out the YouTube video below to learn more)

Surprise your family with a variety show! Create a play about nature, pretend to be an animal, or demonstrate the life of a naturalist. Even better: break out your favorite camp songs! Don’t forget to encourage participation with a “this is a do-as-I-do song!”

Inside-Out Badges!
Junior Scribe

Start with a poem like a 3-lined haiku, something about nature, or what you like to do outside!

Create a short story while sitting outside. Find inspiration in the outdoor world around you for a nighttime mystery, a funny morning walk, or an all-day adventure tale.

Use words to share who you are by sharing a favorite memory from Girl Scout Camp, a memorable day spent outside, or a big one-of-a-kind adventure you’ve gone on.

Write an article about an outdoor event you attended, and interview a family member about an outdoor issue you are passionate about.

Tell the world what you think in a blog post about your favorite animal (take pictures outside if you can!) or a cool natural place you’d love to visit!

Share what you did to outdooreducation@gssem.org and we may include your story in our GS Blog!

To learn more about GSSEM’s GO at Home Challenge patch program, please visit gssem.org/goathome.

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
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