GO! At Home: Week 3


GO! At Home: Week 3

Visit the blog each week to explore activities you can do in your own backyard! This is week 3 of GO! At Home.

Be an entomologist! Entomology is the study of insects. Amateur entomologists are interested in insects because of the beauty and diversity of these creatures. Professional entomologists study the way beneficial insects contribute to the well being of humans, animals, and plants.

Are you interested in taking your study of bugs to the next level?

Ladybugs are just one of many types of insects that are helpers in the garden. Learn how to attract ladybugs here! You can also join citizen scientists from around the world by conducting your own backyard bug survey. Get started today!

You can create a quick and easy insect behavior study with backyard bugs and a few household items. Follow the simple steps here!

Inside-Out Badges!
Cadette Digital Movie Maker (Outdoor Style!)

Explore film making!

Digital video has changed the game when it comes to documenting the world around us. Especially with the ease of smartphone technology, it’s easier than ever before for us to capture moments using things that we already have in our homes.

Step 1: Observe & Brainstorm

Spend some time out in nature just observing to see what kinds of things draw your attention. Is it birds, bugs, squirrels? Are there outdoor skills that you could document and share a how-to video about? There may also be something cool going on in your neighborhood that you could observe and document. For example, some neighborhoods are coming up with ways to support each other while still practicing social distancing like the Rainbows over Michigan movement and the Bear Hunt Game.

These are some of our favorite resources for outdoor film making.

Step 2: Practice

Practice! Practice! Practice! Film and film some more. If you feel like you’re not loving it, just keep experimenting with angles.

Step 3: Choose your topic

Research your topic and practice any skills you might need to demonstrate. Create a plan, a story board what you want it to look like, and a shot list. Filming outdoors also take extra planning, don’t forget to check the weather report, look into when sunrises/sunsets are going to happen, and have a back-up plan. Natural subjects don’t always do what we want them to, so plan on having to take multiple shots, and maybe even multiple days of shooting. This is also a good time, if you’re planning on using people in your film, to get their permission to film them or their homes.

Step 4: Time to create

Get ready to make your “5-minute movie!” Film and edit your creation using your camera or smartphone. There are tons of free programs for editing movies on your phone or computer, like iMovie for example. The ideal short is between five and eight minutes. Adding text, music and credits makes your movie extra special.

Step 5: Share

Share your movie with friends or family via email or social media! If you share on Social Media be sure to tag @gssem and hashtag #gsoutdoors #GirlScoutsGO

Share with your Girl Scout sisters how you are Getting Outdoors (GO!) while staying safe!  We’d love to see what you are up to. Tag us @gssem and hashtag #GirlScoutsGO and #GSoutdoors.

Watch as GSSEM’s own Outdoor Education Specialist takes her daughter on a backyard bug hunt.


Click here to see the full video!

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