2024 Young Woman of Distinction Runner Up: Monika Parkila

2024 Young Woman of Distinction Runner Up: Monika Parkila

Getting into Gear with New Driver Auto Maintenance Courses

When Monika set out on her Highest Award Journey, her Take Action project was based on a personal experience.

After having a dead car battery at school and not sure exactly how to fix it, Monika was inspired to educate young drivers about basic car maintenance skills through a series of YouTube videos. 

In addition to the videos, Monika also hosted multiple workshops in her school and at the local library. 

Monika’s project provided a valuable resource for the community, especially when two attendees were later able to help a fellow student jump start their car, while another helped their neighbor change their flat tire.

Completing her Gold Award project helped Monika expand her leadership and management skills. She increased her confidence and public speaking capabilities by being on camera for the videos and in-person appearances. She discovered that with determination, she could achieve a goal no matter how challenging it seemed at the start.

Monika graduated from International Academy Okma in Bloomfield Hills, MI. She is a member of Troop 70199.

Find out more about Monika and her award-winning project on the GSSEM YouTube channel.

Congratulations, Monika!

There are several things I love about this project, starting with its practicality.  Monika identified a need based upon her own experience and set out to solve it. If that’s not the very definition of what we encourage girls to do, then I don’t know what is.

Monica Woodson, CEO GSSEM
Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
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