Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Sheroski

Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Sheroski

Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Sheroski

Sarah Sheroski is the amazing troop leader behind Troop 76883. As a former Girl Scout, she sought out to be a leader and represent something bigger than herself… what better way than through Girl Scouts!

Sarah says that her ultimate goal was to inspire and empower young girls, help them gain self- confidence and to remind families and young girls what Girl Scouts can offer. As a troop leader so far, she’s absolutely killing it! Her favorite part of this “role” is being able to see the growth in her girls as the year progresses and watching them apply what they’ve learned into daily life and shared their experiences with others.

Her first troop overnight experience was spent at the Toledo Zoo; one got sick, one cried and one had a bloody nose which made for two very long days! On the flip side, however, she says the excitement and experience of these rare opportunities with them it made it all worth the lack of sleep, “stress” and hours of planning. These are proud moments and memories they’ll never forget.

For more than three years, her troop has maintained little to no out of pocket expenses. Her current goal is to continue the trend of being fully financially self-sustaining. As far as the girls in her troop is concerned, she also hopes to continue to inspire them to be leaders at whatever stage they are in life.

Sarah has this word of advice for all of the troop leaders out there:

“Set the standard and expectations with your troop. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Remember that this is not about you, this is about them, therefore stand behind their decisions as a girl-led troop. Even if it isn’t of your own interest, they want to feel supported! Be yourself, have fun and be proud to represent your troop, GSSEM and GSUSA. “

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Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
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