Congrats to our 2020-2021 Honor Troops!

Congrats to our 2020-2021 Honor Troops!

Congrats to our 2020-2021 Honor Troops!

Honor Troop is a Girl Scout initiative practiced by Girl Scouts across the country that recognizes troops that have gone above and beyond to ensure an exciting and fulfilling Girl Scout year. This year, we’re excited share that six exceptional troops have earned the title of “Honor Troop.” Check out their stories below to see what some of their favorite badges were, and what important lessons they learned!

Troop #77206:

“This last year, Troop #77206 was almost completely virtual. We felt it was important to keep the girls connected through difficult times and create a fun, safe environment every week where they could continue to be together. We worked endlessly to complete badges, completed two Take Action projects, raised money for our favorite charities, hosted a fall day camp at Hawthorn Hollow and sold so many cookies through our drive-thru booths. Our troop’s favorite event of the year was a Spring Family Tent Camping weekend! This was the first tent camping experience for most of the girls, and they experienced all the different kinds of Michigan weather that weekend! We couldn’t be more proud of these girls. They took a year that was uncertain and something most of us would like to forget…and through their determination and positive attitudes made it into something they will always remember. Our girls persevered, they continued on and completed their second year of Brownies and have bridged to Juniors!”

Troop #77109:

“A favorite event for our troop this year was our end of the year virtual campout. We met together as a troop and zoomed with another troop from our school. We learned about campfire safety, built a campfire, learned some Girl Scout songs and enjoyed smores. The biggest lesson our troop learned this year was building confidence, learning how to stand up to bullies and maintaining positive interactions with others.”

Troop #76144:

“A major highlight of our 2020-21 Girl Scout year was the time we went to the Willow Greenhouse and worked on our Junior Gardening Badge. We learned about the beginning stages of planting for spring time, decorated a pot, planted our own seeds and heard about cultivating, just to name a few. We definitely learned about time management, as true gardening is all about the right time and weather conditions. The girls really enjoyed themselves!”

Troop #76406:

“Our girls decided to they wanted to earn their Junior Animal Habitats Badge, so we went for it! They did a virtual tour with Zovargo (a company that provides conservation education programs with live animal ambassadors), and the zookeeper showed them several animals and taught them about each habitat. Not only did we learn about animals, but we also learned how about medical emergencies and how to respond with basic first aid.”

Troop #75949:

“Our troop thrives on being together. They love all things outdoors and camping together is their favorite aspect of Girl Scouts. Fortunately for us, they used cookie funds to purchase individual tents so we were still able to do quite a bit of camping this past year, despite the pandemic. Now that they are older, they enjoy the “girl-led” aspect of Girl Scouting and have tons of fun planning out their excursions. They already have a trip over to Wisconsin and back through the UP of Michigan in the works! A lesson we learned this year can be summed up in one word: Flexibility. This past year looked nothing like we expected it to. Fortunately, the girls in our troop are all leaders that know how to adapt to any situation and make the best of what they have to work with. We are so appreciative that they typically let us join in on their wacky shenanigans.”

These troops are doing big things and making huge accomplishments. We can’t wait to see what adventures you take this year!

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
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