GSSEM Troop donates Hundreds of Cookies to Beaumont!


GSSEM Troop donates Hundreds of Cookies to Beaumont!

With everyone in the community stepping up to support essential workers during these times, Troop 76988 took the opportunity to support Beaumont staff with cases of Girl Scout cookies! Troop Leader, Jenna, shares their story below.

During this whole pandemic we found ourselves stuck with a lot of cookies and, being Girl Scouts, looking for a way to reach the community during trying times.  My sister is a Registered Nurse at Beaumont of Troy and would call/text me at the end of a shift, nearly in tears, due to the overwhelming day she had at the hospital. While a normal shift at any hospital is full of running around, complicated patients/cases, and long hours, she was used to the daily tasks at hand. 

When COVID-19 hit Michigan in the wave that it did, the nurses and other staff at the hospital were asked to step up, not only adding additional patients and hours to the daily grind, but now taking extreme precautions and extra hospital garb they must constantly change in and out of.  It was, in fact, a grueling task to add to anyone’s daily routine.  While it didn’t seem like much, my girls and I decided to reach out to our community to execute two goals: 1 to bring some joy and smiles to the now overworked hospital staff, and 2 get rid of our stash of cookie inventory! 

We branded it as a “Beaumont to Beaumont” donation, since our troop is mostly based out of Beaumont Elementary and we were donating to Beaumont Hospital. The result was priceless! Several people donated boxes through social media and friends/family… the word spread like wildfire! Independent companies, and some individuals donated hundreds of dollars towards our cause. Within a week we were over 100 boxes, within 2, over 200!!  I delivered more than 22 mixed cases to my sister’s front porch. It took her two days to spread through the hospital staff.  The pictures speak louder than words and brought tears to my eyes; these men and women were able to take time out of their crazy schedule to enjoy something for themselves, and we did that!

Since then, I have seen an outpouring of other troops and even companies spreading the cheer to frontline workers.  So glad to see some good coming out of a time that is scary and trying.

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
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