Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole Walker

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole Walker

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicole Walker

Everyone, meet Nicole Walker.

Nicole is a Troop Leader for Troop 75692 at Wilde Elementary in Warren, with a total of 51 girls (most of whom are Daisies), and a slew of dedicated volunteers! Not only did she register to be a Service Unit Manager within her first year, but she also joined the Product Program Support Team. Furthermore, Nicole has been a Delegate Representative since 2018, helping to further develop G.I.R.L.s in every aspect! She says that being actively involved with youth is important because this is a vital time in their lives, and they will always remember her involvement. On top of being a Girl Scout leader, Nicole is a den mother and an entrepreneur.

When asked “Why Girl Scouts,” her response was this:

I’ve never been shy; I have always been a leader, a go-getter, and a get-the-job-done girl. I was a Girl Scout when I was younger for many years, and when I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew she would be one, too! I could finally share this experience and personally show her how much being a Girl Scout helped me grow. I am a business owner who is not only able to make money, but also able to volunteer and truly fulfill my purpose in life—getting to be there for my two children every day in every way!

Everyone in Troop 75692 has completely transformed! No one is shy anymore, and everyone is confident in their skills! All of the girls are now able to make sales, make change from money, make a display on the table for cookie sales, and—most importantly—know every girl does things differently and that’s fine! We’ll be off to camp for the first time in July 2020!

I tell these ladies all the time that they don’t have to be best friends outside of Girl Scouts. They don’t have to say ‘hi’ in the hallway and run up and hug each other; they can make a simple nod to each other, a slight wave on the playground, but when they come to the meeting, they are everything to each other. This is where they all have the same goal, this is where they all are doing the same thing, this is where they can truly be themselves: goofy, shy, loud, whoever they are!

Girl Scouts grow! My one troop of eight in September 2018, is now 51 in 2019, and still growing!

Thank you, Nicole!

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
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