Volunteer Spotlight: Coco Moulder

Volunteer Spotlight: Coco Moulder

Volunteer Spotlight: Coco Moulder

Coco Moulder is the proud troop leader of Troop 77091, based out of Southfield. Her enthusiasm and advocacy for youth development make her the perfect troop mom and role model for all girls. Everyone here at GSSEM is excited to see all ways Coco and her troop will continue to grow.

Coco became a Girl Scout Troop Leader because her daughter wanted to join, but no parent would volunteer for her grade level. One day, her daughter came home and asked if she would attend the meeting. Coco agreed and said if no one volunteered, she would just go ahead and volunteer herself. She felt like if her daughter wanted to have this experience why would she not give it to her? The rest is history.

Coco says her favorite part of being a troop leader is creating and developing strong leaders and advocates. She enjoys using the Girl Scout curriculum to inspire and invoke in young girls and their mothers a stronger bond. She also loves helping her girls understand how powerful they are and will become as they continue to grow.

While building her troop to be strong leaders, the “job” comes with so many special memories to celebrate and reflect upon. This year’s World Thinking Day proved to be an unforgettable memory for Coco and her troop. Each of her Brownies and Juniors got to choose a different country where there are active Girl Scout memberships and complete research on them. On World Thinking Day, the girls took the Daisies in the troop on a 16-country journey of Girl Scouts across the globe. Girls shared about countries spanning from Israel to Japan to Nigeria to Canada!

Troop 77091 has a few goals for the upcoming Girl Scout years. The first: to continue to expand their reach to more girls and mothers who want the authentic Girl Scout experience. The second: to have at least 85% of the girls in their troop continue in Girl Scouts throughout high school. The ultimate goal is to not only produce more Gold Awardees, but to also get her girls to travel across the world to meet other Girl Scouts. She also hopes to increase the understanding of entrepreneurship through leadership for girls and their moms.

New to being a troop leader? Take a word of advice from this seasoned vet:

“The Girl Scout way, through our guidance, gives girls a world perspective on how to solve problems, advocate and develop into powerful leaders from the youngest Daisy to the oldest Girl Scout in your troop. Enjoy the experience of growing their minds in a creative way.”

Thank you, Coco!

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Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
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