Volunteer Spotlight: Betsy Everett

Volunteer Spotlight: Betsy Everett

Volunteer Spotlight: Betsy Everett

Betsy Everett is the ultimate “cookie mom.” She’s played an integral role for all three of her daughters’ troops during cookie season, and have lead them to success. According to Betsy, she has no plans on letting up and will continue to develop her girls’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Betsy got started volunteering with GSSEM when her oldest daughter’s troop needed a cookie mom. Since she likes planning and numbers and spreadsheets, she figured this was the perfect time to help out. When her second daughter’s troop was in the planning stages, she initially turned down being a leader, but instead offered to be the cookie mom for them too. And when her third daughter’s troop was forming… you guessed it! She became a cookie mom for the third time.

Everyone knows cookie season is a major part of Girl Scouting. So for Betsy, helping the girls reach their cookie goals, and getting to see the excitement and confidence when they achieve them is what’s most rewarding. The fact that she also gets to not only bond with the troops, but also their parents during cookie season is an added bonus!

Betsy’s current goals for her troops is to help involve them more in the cookie planning and implementation. This is especially for her oldest daughter’s troop since they’ll be in 9th grade next year. As far as her younger troops are concerned, she hopes to continue to teach them how to set goals, plan for how to meet them and follow through on the steps along the way.

Need some advice for the upcoming cookie season? Here’s what Betsy has to say:

“For new cookie parents, I would suggest finding an experienced cookie parent who can be your mentor, especially that first year! Study up ahead of time on sale dates and details, and familiarize yourself with ebudde well before it’s time to submit initial orders! Communicate often with your troop parents. Make sure to work with your troop to set a goal. Have fun! And ask for help from parents and mentors when you need it!”

Thank you, Betsy for being such a team player!

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