Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Baldwin

Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Baldwin

Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Baldwin

After being in Girl Scouts as a girl for 13 years, Laura was so excited when her daughter came home with a flyer about Girl Scouts in kindergarten. She helped a lot during her daughter’s first year, but had made a ton of excuses as to why she couldn’t take the role as a troop leader. Eventually, she decided to stop making excuses and now is not a only a troop leader, but a role model for the entire Girl Scout community.

Laura says a weekend at Camp Hawthorne Hollow is what really sealed the deal for her. It was then she knew that she had found her tribe of fellow moms and leaders, and that her place was to have a more active role in her daughter and her friends’ Girl Scout journey. Her favorite part of the role is trying new adventures and outings. She says there’s always something fun to try! So far, the girls have done things like:

– Camping trips
– Cookie sales
– Glow stick dance parties
– Muddy corn mazes
– JGL birthday parties

Right now, the troop’s goals is to continue creating a supportive community for girls and their families to grow in. She loves seeing the girls in her troop develop as individuals and in their friendships togethers. Each year, she looks forward to what new opportunities and adventures they’ll get to experience together. Next year, she’ll have a troop of Junior Girl Scouts, and she’s looking forward to taking more trips and outings that are able to build the girls’ leadership and independence skills.

Laura has these words of wisdom to share with everyone:

“You don’t have to be perfect to have an impact on others! Enjoy the journey. As long as my girls are leaving the meeting or activity with a smile on their face, I know that I have done my part. We’ve all had a tough couple of years. Every moment we’re together with smiles and laughter is special. It is a simple reminder that these moments, experiences and friendships is what shapes our young girls.”

Thank you, Laura!

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